∆∆∆ moved……… ∆∆∆

Lol note to self, log out of the dead account on yet phone!

Recovery mode. Bruised legs/everything at the Ex-Cult/Ty Segall show.

I got dropped hard while crowdsurfing. My poor butt. Don’t think I broke it lol.

Great show!

01-27-13 1
#it's always sunny #sorry if this is gross but also not sorry

New URL. Message me for it.

I only have one guideline and that’s if you’re anon you have to PUT YR NAEM. (For the non-tumbling friends I have.)

It’s been good! This one lasted about 1.5 years wow. :’)

[EDIT] p.s. - I tried to add everyone but I’m following like 300+ people on here so I might’ve missed someone.

Don’t fret if I didn’t add you/let you know srsly. Just message me. I’m not trying to hide from anyone.

Just wanted a change and chopping my hair off, moving to a new state and quitting my job at this very moment aren’t feasible options.

01-24-13 1
#bye guys #not really #just here

Lol wowsers. It actually happened.

01-23-13 3
#top influencer #soundrop

Why do I always suddenly get more followers when I’m getting ready to switch URLs lolol

That’s right. Two #desserts. Girls night with @samanthaedillor, Libby and Cat~ (at Coal Vines)

01-22-13 4

#Pizza time with @samanthaedillor, Libby and Cat. 🍕🍕🍕 (at Coal Vines)


Sweet Yoda impression, @samanthaedillor.

2nd annual Sad #TomBrady photo~ Bawww. #sports!

01-20-13 7
#tombrady #sports

Heartless Bastards put on a great show tonight. #dallas #deepellum (at Trees)

#deepellum #dallas
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